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    Optima-CRM is renowned for providing its impeccable web technology tools and software solutions for various businesses. Optima-CRM has developed a dedicated real estate software solution that manages all tasks and procedures of real estate agencies under one umbrella. To access the efficacious software called Optima-CRM from OptimaSys Group Spain SL, you don’t have to install any other tool or configure your system separately; you can simply install and use it on any device. The main reason behind using this software is that they give the best solutions for managing your real estate business. No matter whether your agency deals in sales or rentals, including vacation rentals or residential real estate, the real estate software Optima-CRM can run your business very well and can also increase the number of deals.

    Optima-CRM carries following features and functions-

    • Visual Management of Clients and Owners- The graphic control panels of the Optima-CRM manages all the interactions with the customers and suppliers from one screen. By this you don’t have to waste your time to navigate to interact with your clients. You just have to send, receive and respond to emails perfectly including with your conventional email system.


    • Automation- Optima-CRM gives you the feature of automation; through this you can get the notifications by mails personalized to inform the appropriate people, so that they can get information about the future task and events.


    • Security first – It is the most important thing that every business owner should pay attention. If your data or any important information is not in the safe zone, it can be harmed or corrupted by any unknown person. But if you take the help of CRM Real Estate Spain (CRM Inmobiliario España) your crucial data and information will be safe and secure.


    • Everything for you- All the features and functions that Optima-CRM offers you are easy and simple that can be accessed by anybody and even by non-technical users.

    Optima-CRM provides a comprehensive all in one package solution in its Real Estate CRM. This CRM tool is of great use for real estate agencies in the market. It helps them in boosting the productivity and allows managing leads, customer engagement, follow-ups, deal closure etc.

    For more information visit, Optima-crm.com

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