• Download the Feed App to Start Gaining Rewards for Being Social

    Being active on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter consumes a lot of time. People like to share about the club they go to for partying, the restaurant they go to dine, the place they go for shopping, or to casually hang out. A person's everyday life can easily be described through one glance at the news feed of these apps. Have you ever wondered what being socially active is actually rewarding you? Won't you just love it if sharing your experience, pictures or boomerangs on your favorite social media platforms will reward you with buy one get one free Dubai deals?

    Well, no matter how unbelievable it sounds, there are ways you can earn rewards for being social and visiting your favorite outlets. Earning rewards through the social media platform won't be a hard task as people enjoy their leisure time on these apps and what can be better than earning some great deals out of something you love to do, right? Generally, people visit the outlets they love to spend time in and drink coffee, chat with their friends, click some photographs and come home and upload their photographs and share their experiences. A person has to follow the same routine to avail the incredible food deals in Dubai and rewards.

    All you have to do is to download the Feed app on your Android and iOS devices, sign in to your favorite social media apps like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and then visit the outlet listing page. You can check out the offers your favorite outlet is offering and share your experience, photos or write a review about that outlet. After that, you can ask the waiter there to enter the pin and can enjoy the fantastic deals they offer.

    It is as easy as it sounds. You can do that with every outlet listed on the app to avail several benefits and rewards. For once in your life spending time on social media apps and uploading photographs can reward you with the food you love.

    Feed is the app designed by Feed Tech FZCO that can make accessing your favorite apps and eating at your favorite articles more interesting by providing rewards like Dubai 2 for 1 vouchers. Download the app today to start gaining rewards for being social.

    For further information, please visit Feed-app.com.

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