• Maybe You’re Looking for a ‘Day Care’ Near Naperville: With the Right Facility, Your Child Can Enjoy So Much More Than a ‘Babysitter’

    One of the most important questions parents could ask themselves when looking for a day care near Naperville is what, exactly, that would mean. In other words, what does a day care offer children?

    In most cases, day care near Naperville essentially means babysitting services.

    There are plenty of day care facilities all throughout the region. Some of them take place inside a person’s home. Some are fully certified and licensed by the state while others might not be on the up and up. Some may have wonderful playground facilities and a safe environment.

    However, not even the best day care center is going to compare to a quality preschool facility.

    KLA Schools of Plainfield is one of the leaders in early childhood development. They certainly provide before and after care, allowing parents to drop their children off early in the morning as they head to work and pick them up once they are done with their day, but in the meantime those children will be exposed to an incredible learning environment.

    KLA Schools of Plainfield has one of the most advanced outdoor learning environments in the region. They have a wonderful set up, including a garden where children will plant seeds in the springtime months, watch them grow, tend to them, water them, and learn more about how food is grown so they will take a more vested interest in the environment around them.

    Inside, the classrooms are set up using the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, meaning the children can explore items that are most interesting to them and teachers will mold the curriculum around that, rather than forcing children to adhere to a strict curriculum.

    People who are seeking a day care near Naperville would do well to focus on an exceptional preschool environment. Children who attend KLA Schools of Plainfield are far more prepared for grade school and have a stronger foundation for learning that they’ll carry on with them throughout the rest of their life.

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