• Starting the New Year Off Right with the Best Plainfield Childcare Center There Is

    Happy New Year. While we are moving through January, you may have certain resolutions you want to maintain. Even if many of them have already begun to slip, it’s not too late. One of those might be to find the best Plainfield childcare center there is.

    That would be KLA Schools of Plainfield.

    There are many reasons why KLA Schools of Plainfield is the leader in early childhood education. First, they utilize one of the most effective early childhood development systems known as the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. This was developed in a small town in Italy and puts the child at the center of the learning structure.

    Instead of the traditional classroom where children are aligned in rows and the curriculum is the same for every single student, each child has the opportunity to explore the world around them, discover their own creative endeavors, and the teacher will utilize the things that are most interesting to them to mold a unique curriculum for that one child.

    Another reason why KLA Schools of Plainfield is the best childcare center in the region is their dedication to early childhood development. The administrators and teachers at this preschool understand that 90 percent of a child’s brain development will occur by the time he or she is five years of age. There’s really no time to waste when it comes to providing the best structure and learning environment.

    For those parents who have been dedicated to helping their child grow and develop in the best way possible this year, even though it may already be the second or third week in January, it’s not too late.

    Of course, space is limited.

    Space is limited at KLA Schools of Plainfield, so for any parent who is looking for the best opportunity for their son or daughter, they are encouraged to contact KLA Schools as soon as possible, take a tour of the facility, ask questions, and, when they are thoroughly convinced this would be the best option, to enroll immediately. This year is starting off great; continue that by choosing the best Plainfield childcare center there is.

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