• Vivid Canada Smart Home: Offering Highly Innovative Surveillance Cameras and Security Systems

    Nowadays, surveillance cameras have become the topmost necessity for the ultimate level of protection it provides to homes, offices and businesses. Having surveillance cameras Fort McMurray helps police and intelligence officers to solve criminal cases with the help of its real and significant evidence. With the evolution of technology, there are a plethora of surveillance cameras available having innovative features and specifications.

    Vivint Canada Smart Home is a leading authorized dealer, offering a variety of surveillance cameras and security systems Fort McMurray for your home. Their products help you get benefit with great surveillance and security, smart home control techniques and timely updates.

    • Smart Locks: Most often, people forget to lock their front door while leaving their homes, in such a scenario, having smart locks of Vivint Canada Smart Home allows you the access to unlock and lock your home through any tablet, Smartphone or computer. You can customize your Smartphone settings and receive emails and texts anytime for your system. Hence, you can stay assured of protection from any unauthorized entry.

    • Doorbell Camera: Vivint Canada Smart Home offers innovatively-featured doorbell camera Fort McMurray through which you can answer your door from any anywhere. The camera is also compromised of night vision features that allow you to see your visitors and get updates about what is happening in front of your door.

    • Motion Sensor: Installing motion sensor allows you to have sound sleep while detecting all the motions around you. This motion sensor of Vivint Canada Smart Home covers coverage of 30-50 feet and 110-degree radius of the areas.

    • Heat/Smoke Detector: They offer wireless photoelectric smoke detector that detects high temperatures more than 57 degree Celsius. You can get prompt messages when there is any danger situation at home or any of your loved ones or pet is alone at home.

    Vivint Canada Smart Home is also known for offering other security systems such as flood sensor, glass break sensor, door sensor, element thermostat and many more. Installing surveillance cameras from the company allows you to protect your property from potential theft, burglary as well as unauthorized access to your property. They also have 24/7 support team where their experts are always ready to assist you with all your further queries regarding their services.

    To know more details, you can click  Vivintcanadasmarthomefortmcmurray.com.

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