• Why Should You Focus on Improving Cyber Intelligence and Security Solutions?

    Cyber attacks are constantly rising, and it is estimated that millions of small businesses are becoming vulnerable to cyber security risks. IT security solutions become crucial when you think about how important the network systems and database are for the smooth functioning of your day-to-day operations. With the increased demand of cyber security services, there are thousands of businesses available that are ramping up their security measures and making this concern a much bigger priority.

    Clearly, it can be said that cyber security solutions are the turning point for modern business landscape. There are several options available for executives and business owners and they are adjusting strategies based on cyber security. There are a wide range of IT security solutions available to eradicate several issues which include, but not limited to anti-spam, anti-virus, online content filtration as well as wireless security.

    When you think about cyber security attacks, you conjure up picture of some hackers sitting in the basement halfway with 3-4 computer screens operating matrix-like programs from thousands of miles away. You may believe it or not, there is a possibility that your employees can be the greatest threat for your company. Whether it is unintentionally or purposefully they can wreak havoc on your confidential data, programs and network systems. To secure all the company’s data from any unauthorized access, it is imperative for companies to establish some additional layers of security measure that mitigate potential risks.

    Having niche cyber security and intelligence solutions, businesses, IT consultancies and law enforcement agencies can progress more effectively and deliver their clients with the best services possible. There are several companies available that claim to be the best in offering highly effective and quality cyber intelligence solutions to private organizations and government agencies, but choosing the one which supports your company even in the minor issues is important.

    PRODAFT is a leading cyber security company which is specialized in offering the highest quality cyber security solutions. By using technical advances and massive information, they stop a variety of cyber threats which include hacktivist attacks, cyber fraud, APTs as well as cyber warfare initiatives.

    The company was founded by Can Yildizli who made PRODAFT a pioneer in the field of security innovation. PRODAFT is an acronym for Proactive Defense Against Future Threats, the entire team is focusing on Cyber intelligence, cyber security policy management, red teaming and corporate anti-espionage. PRODAFT also has a strong network and partnership with INVICTUS, Leviatan Tech, Cyber Smart Defence, that all are reputed cyber security solutions providers.

    About PRODAFT:

    PRODAFT is a leading cyber security company which offers hi-end cyber intelligence a cyber threat sharing solutions to both private business originations and government agencies.

    To know more details about cyber security, please visit Prodaft.com.

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